Sunday, November 7, 2010


As I sit here, working in the Oblivion CS, I can't help but think of a feature that would be really nice.

No, not bug fixes.

(I know those are out of the question.)

What would be great is a check-box that filters whatever list you're looking through, so that it shows only entries flagged as modified by your plugin.

Would make things so very much simpler.


  1. They gave you the asterix... what more do you need?

    Yeah, I empathize. Especially when looking at someone else's mod, the eye strain of searching for an asterix down the entire list is ridiculous.

    And why is this stupid thing telling me that I've misspelled "asterix"?

  2. I think because it's spelled 'asterisk'. 'asterix' is a common mispronunciation.

  3. Eh. I wouldn't feel too bad.

    You know, walking through the local Barnes and Noble once, years ago, I happened to have my attention caught by a book on the center-aisle display rack.

    "The most commonly misspelled words" or some such. A book to purportedly aid people in correctly spelling words that most Highschool grads couldn't. Also had definitions. was like two hundred pages. The thing was a goddamned mini-dictionary in itself.

    I was amazed to see words like evanescent in there.

    I mean, something like antidisestablishmentarianism I could understand... but I guess most folks just don't pay attention English class. Amazing, considering the number of people who have English Lit degrees...

  4. ...

    Most folks don't pay attention in English class.

    Proving that even though I did, I shouldn't type out comments while watching Mythbusters over my shoulder.