Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Vegas

Have to say, I just lost a lot of my interest in this game.

Don't dare cross the NCR. If you do, you get to meet the NCR SUPAH RANGAHS! Can never be below level 21, find the player wherever he goes, top end armor and weapons, never miss, crippling their limbs does nothing, and best of all...

Your companions won't fight them! At all! Ever!

ED-E conveniently vanished, and my companions wouldn't enter combat.

GMPCing at it's fucking finest.

Five 5.56mm's between the eyes? One bar of damage. The one I did manage to take down soaked up 6 40mm grenades in the chest - I might add that here in the real world, a half dozen 40mm shells is enough to demolish most of a three bedroom house.

Where'd I put that Oblivion disc...


  1. That is just fucked up right there. Talk about broken system and game.

  2. What did you do to piss them off?

    I Googled GMPC and it said Global Mobile Personal Communications...

    But yes, I've been seeing a lot of forum posts from people saying that the game controls what you do and where you go by putting ridiculous numbers of ridiculously tough enemies in the spots you aren't supposed to be in yet.

    The example of this that I've seen so far was when my lvl 3 character stumbled upon some super mutants with incinerators. Not the hulking, lethargic DC super mutants mind you, but desert ones that apparently despite their size and bone-crushing strength can run and jump with the speed and agility of the geckos! It was insane! Suffice it to say that I stopped trying to travel in that direction...

  3. Game Master Player Character. An old term from DnD. Occasionally, a DM/GM will get it into his/her head to put a PC of their own into the game, usually ostensibly to "help move the story". GMPC's are notoriously god-like, and generally have more power than the entire PC party put together.

    I am so sick of playing games written by emotionally stunted twelve year olds.

    I'd had similar railroading before. Running across a giant radscorpion - which can be found right next to Goodsprings, by the way - is a virtual death sentence.

    What I did to piss off the NCR was fire up ARCHIMEDES II. Had similar problems inside Helios I where the companions wouldn't engage the NCR troops.

    They're doing their damnedest to thwart me, too. I can't find any commands to force companions into combat (I'd swear there was one, before). No way to get who's attacking the player.

    But yeah, the game's not endearing itself well at all. Most of the weapons are nigh useless; randomly missing targets ten feet away, doing zero damage.

    Reading around, I'm getting less impressed by the second here.

    Seems Bethsoft has begun locking forum topics of people who complain, and to top it off the only way to update the game is through Steam - and by letting Steam make it so that you can no longer play the game without it.

  4. Also fun: the very few references I can find on forums about companion issues all get the same answer.

    "You need to integrate them with the wheel!"

    Yeah, that might help... if I used the fucking wheel...

    Just when you think the bar's bottomed out, Bethsoft lowers it another notch.

  5. I just had another GMPC experience. I restarted my game from scratch to make sure that the companion system that I'm testing is the only one floating around in there, and now I'm a fifth-level character. I know Black Mountain is run by the Super Mutants and Night-Whatevers, but I figure with four companions we should be able to take the suckers with little trouble. And I was correct in regard to the Mutants. But at some point as we made our way up the mountain I took us on a wrong turn or something and we followed the road out into a big open area. A deathclaw appears, and we take it down pretty easily. Then a pair of deathclaws show up and I'm clawed a time or two before we can kill them. Then like a dozen deathclaws rush us and there just really wasn't any winning that fight. And luckily for me I'm using CASM and with it's uncanny timing I get a save at exactly the instant where the slaughter reaches its climax...

    But I'm not getting steamed about it (no pun intended). Like playing any other new game it can't be exactly like whatever game I was playing just before it, so it's just something different that I'll have to get used to. I'll save often or use CASM and won't go where the unskilled game designers don't want me to go until they're ready.

  6. That's an enlightened attitude.

    Personally, I'm far more petty.

    After a stomping, I generally mod my companions to be even more dangerous.

    Not going amazingly well at the moment... to have no improved the engine one iota, they certainly changed quite a bit. Taking time to figure out how to bend it to my will.

  7. My bad. I just discovered that my deathclaw encounter was not a GMPC but instead part of a quest to clean out a quarry and possibly retrieve a deathclaw egg. That many deathclaws are supposed to be there all the time.

    My apologies to the devs. *rolls eyes*

  8. Ah, Sloan, I believe it was.

    Yeah... I stayed out of there. I can smell a suicide quest.

    Annoying that they put it so close to the level one starting area, though, right?

    I mean, traditionally video games tend to get higher level the further you get from start to give you time to progress.

    This one seems to go from zero to OH FUCK I'M GONNA DIE! In about two map markers.

  9. Oh. sorry for necro commenting on this.

    But at least on normal. and with a small gun crit style character. i was able to kill the NCR rangers with a flame weapon, since it gets through their armor. and i used alot of stimpaks.

    I took them both out. but i reloaded. also try only jumping from city to city. i made it to repairing my rep after siding with the powder gangers without getting attacked by the rangers by just staying away from the wastelands mostly. where they would spawn. and attack me.

    They gave me 3 days. i took 5 extra just incase. ^,..,^


  10. Well, I've learned a lot since then; and my personal companions have evolved quite a bit as well. They don't care much for the NCR anymore, and felt the need to slaughter one of the McCarran gate guards awhile back.

    I've taken to carrying large amounts of AP ammo. Beyond that, A hunting shotgun + extended tube + slugs + Shotgun Surgeon perk = you become the hand of God in close range combat.