Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NCCS - Hate

Writing readmes. I hate them.

Wordpad doesn't have spellcheck (got to keep the Word features out of the text file for maximum compatibility), I always miss some detail or other, and nobody reads these damned things anyway...

Companion creation guide and readme are done. Still need to write in the upcoming features and grab those last handful of screenies and I'll be ready to package this fucker up and make for the NVNexus.


  1. Yeah, I'm with you. I love making the mods and dread the presentation. Taking 130 screenshots and uploading them can really eat up an afternoon...

  2. Try writing twenty or thirty pages of text explaining features, bugs, installation and removal instructions...

  3. ...which you're fairly certain no one will read. I give, you trump me.

  4. Yeah, but I wish I didn't.




    That might help Matt.

    Also you know what would take place if you did not add it. People would bitch but then again they will bitch anyway when you do add it. Maybe if you called them idiots outright at the end of the readme they would get the hint?

    Yet really that link might help as I know I use it often.

  6. You know, David, you may be on to something.

    As much as I called people stupid in the RR FAQ, it did seem to cut down on moronic comments.

    They still didn't read the damned readme, though.

  7. Really a crime not to add it for the first few months?

    David's readme:

    Idiots won't read this so this is the read me. Use common sense. If you read this then you have some common sense.

  8. I try not to be quite that much of a dick. I feel better including some form of information with a mod; since little annoys me more in gaming than downloading a mod where the author was too lazy to include documentation of any sort.

    I just think it would be nice if people would RTFM before they go complaining that something doesn't work right.