Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NCCS - Broken Streak

It happened. I had to make an actual script edit this morning.

It had slipped my mind, because as I said I'm not much of a gambler, but ttomwv mentioned before that one of the casino door scripts needed to be altered; he just couldn't remember which at the time.

Happened to pop into the Ultralux this morning... and that's the one. Took a look at the script, and it's written to not allow anyone except the player and the official followers out - though anyone can go in.

Apparently it's set up to strip followers of weapons as well as the player. Naturally, this doesn't work on NCCS companions.

I could probably make it work... but why? These sorts of scripts only work on vanilla game items anyway; so as soon as you add mod weapons into the equation they become useless anyway.

Anyhow, dropped an extra bit of code into the script that will allow any NPC in or out - without compromising the stuff for the vanilla followers; so my little edit may conflict, but it shouldn't break anyone else's companion mod.

Checked the Tops, and Gomorrah and couldn't find any similar scripts hiding on their doors; and I already know from experience that the Lucky 38 works fine.

Kind of amusing. The White Gloves henchmen run in during questing in the Ultralux to beat on the player with sticks... and run smack into the muzzle of a brush gun wielded by a more than slightly annoyed woman.

They learned what many tribals and martial artists have learned throughout the centuries: stick does not beat gun. Doubly so when said gun is chambered in 45/70 and the companion holding it is running one of my combat styles...

Regardless, issue with the door appears to be handled, and shan't delay release any at all.


  1. This is also why I love my little recall items. I imagine there are probably other places in the game that we haven't stumbled upon yet where the devs have played their impish little pranks. I'd hate to see anyone have to go checking every door in the game to see if it needs fixed... that's just sadistic. But if we work together, they cannot defeat us!

  2. I'm not nearly dedicated enough to go door-by-door.

    I had planned it to be a gradual process: people will report doors that cause problems, and I'll fix them as they come up.

    I wouldn't mind getting some of the higher profile ones out of the way early on, though.

  3. Tiny bit off topic.

    But stick -does- beat gun. if the guy with the gun doesn't move.... attacking black mountain and those tricky evil super mutants that run away sucks for just that reason... <,..,<


    As for the doors. really. the casino's aren't a huge deal. its not game breaking. and if it bugs someone that much. they can leave the companions outside.


  4. I've already gotten all three casino doors fixed, I just haven't uploaded the new beta yet. Working on a few new features, yet.

    Only unfixable problem I've come across was in Gomorrah. The elevator isn't a door, strictly speaking; it's just a scripted moveto command between floors. So, it's impossible to make it work with companions system-wide without massive revisions of several scripts.

    Not really sure it's worth the trouble.