Monday, November 29, 2010


You know, I'm cruising the NVNexus this morning; posting a bit of help for Neil... trying to figure out what some of my players are smoking... I happened to glance over the entry for NVRR; when I had a thought. I was looking over the user uploaded images, and happened to see one of someone's first attempt at creating... and I think to myself "I wonder if they uploaded a tutorial?"

Click over to the files tab, down to miscellaneous... and there it sits. "Companion Creation Guide", size 7,427kb. That number looked familiar. It was very similar to the size of the RR guide of mine that I had just redownloaded and modified slightly for NCCS yesterday morning.

No, they wouldn't...

I download, and sure enough. It's my fucking tutorial. "modified for NV". Same pictures and all.

Now, look: I may have agreed to RR pillaging, because as I said, I don't own that one. But as I also bitched about before, I did not agree to having every piece of work I've ever uploaded ripped off.

No one ever mentioned the guide to me. Let alone specifically asked to "convert" it. The guide, I would add, that I spent thirteen hours writing freehand in wordpad.

I have to say... the more times I look at NVRR, the less inclined I am to share my work online with any of you people.


  1. It seems someones been forgetting to ask things again.

    I haven't really worked on FO3/NV, but i have worked with the modding community for a RTS/FPS cross over style game called "Men of war".

    And to be honest... some of the people i have worked with (I stopped after i couldn't stand them anymore) some of them didn't even want to take the time to ask before using someone elses resources in the project. and i had to send them more emails than i should have had to, just to get them to go over and ask.

    But. while i cant say i really know you. i'd suggest getting nexus to make them remove the offending content, if you haven't done so already. since last time i checked Nexus had strict rules about copywrite laws. to protect its members mods and guides, and other user made things.


  2. The problem is that actual ownership is kind of blurry.

    The RR Companions Vault isn't listed as being mine - ownership was never transferred away from ttomwv when he took his happy ass off to greener pastures and dumped it in my lap.

    Since the file entry isn't mine, strictly speaking, the uploaded files there may well not be mine to start holy hell over.

    Besides which, the thief has already flatly refused to remove "her" companion system, so any attempt by me to protect my work would get very ugly, very fast.

    I figure the least frustrating thing I can do is not add anything else to RR for her to pillage; and keep my new work's permissions set so that if she does it again I have somewhere to come from to stop it.