Saturday, November 27, 2010

NCCS - Reality

I polished off the last of the documentation, got the rest of the screenshots taken, and... I did it.

We are officially in business, Kiddies.

Now just to sit back, and wait on the bug reports and complaints to start rolling in...


  1. And you know, it didn't take long.

    Already had two people comment wanting the "wheel" implemented.

    One wanted it in the context of continuity.

    Don't suppose it's occurred to any of these kids that some of us have been making companions since 2007, and to us, no wheel is continuity.

  2. In the case of your companion system, the only purpose that wheel serves is being an extra, superfluous, useless menu that pops up before you can get to the real dialog options. Why they want this "continuity" I only vaguely understand. If you want to do a "wheel version" of course in the end that's entirely up to you, but personally I expect to find more people preferring the "wheel-less version" and certainly would not give much priority to making a wheeled version.

    An' I'm gonna say that over there, too...

  3. Yeah, I figured you would when you grudgingly left the warmth of bed and returned to us here on the intertubes.

    Think what I'll do is set up a plugin that switches to the wheel. Since it's just mainly adding to the existing Bethsoft dialog, it shouldn't be overly difficult.

    But, I also think it's going to wait until the mod is a bit further along - since I ain't keen on having to remake the plugin every time I change the NCCS dialog or package loadout.