Monday, November 29, 2010

More NV Strangeness

Annoyed as I am with the 'community' in general this morning, I decided to play with my personal companions some. I added Natasha to the plugin - fortunately, her hair works perfectly in NV.

Got plugin set up and quest written and et cetera et cetera.

Happened to be testing; and she got stuck in some rocks - clipping into them and unable to get out. Normally, I'd open the console and toggle clipping on her, but I decide what the hell, I'll try out the plugin's recall function. Probably a waste of time, since it never worked in testing on my pre-made NCCS companions.

This time? Worked without a hitch. Exact same code, save for the references. Why did it work this time and not before?

I have no idea. None whatsoever.

This only reinforces the theory I've had though, that at certain times, the engine hangs. Scripts hit a certain line and won't process anymore. In the case of my NCCS pip-boy plugins, it was the line that governed reset code.

Apparently it doesn't hang in my special companions plugin.

I swear, Levi's and Crowley's magickal theories made more sense than this damned game.

On another hand, I think I'm going to have to try talking Maeva into a new hair style. I'm not seeing "adjusted" versions of Ren's work popping up on the Nexus; and Gods know I don't have the Blender skill to do it myself.

Don't want to cut her to short hair, though. I'm thinking maybe one of those Growlf hairs. With the braids. Maybe that twin-braid one, with the tails hanging down on her chest. Go for that Alpine look.


  1. Maeva with the Swiss Miss look? Hmm... that would take some getting used to I'd think. Funny thing is though, I haven't had any problems with that hairstyle so far. Maybe the girl just has a big head? *ducking and running in anticipation of the demon attack*

  2. Weeeeellllllllll

    To be entirely fair, this is the version of the hair style that I "fixed" the alpha channel on for my companions pack in FO3.

    It's entirely possible that has something to do with the issue. I suppose I really should copy over the original version, and see if that helps any.

    Although in my defense, NV is getting quickly known for having problems with a lot of hair styles.

    They changed something in the way the alpha channel is applied by the engine, as well as the hair's placement on the head.

    I don't know why they did either; but it's fixable in either case, it's just a matter of someone with the skill taking the time.