Friday, November 26, 2010


And now... another episode of the NosCo movie blog lite!

Caught Faster this evening.

Avante Garde it ain't... but I liked it. Little in the way of wasting time on forced attempts to be witty in dialog, and the violence was brutal and fast. Had pretty good advisers on the technical aspects, as well. Only two problems I had with it: 1) As the owner of a Ruger Alaskan .454, I can say definitively that they have way more recoil than that; and 2) a headshot from said .454 would produce much more of a mess. Like, 'no back of the head left' kind of mess.

Other than that, an entertaining way to waste two hours.

Also: the hitman and his bride going direct from the ceremony out into the desert to work in some target practice? So romantic. Although a truly good woman would have joined in on the job. *cough* Or so I'm told... >_>

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  1. I think you're the only person I know who can watch an action flick and pick out ballistic errors. Not sayin' that this is a bad thing, just sayin' is all...