Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Stupid Continues

I have got to get out of modding Fallout 3.

I swear, the retards are breeding like roaches...

Watchers of the RR Companions Vault comments may have noticed a double-posted bug report in clumsy English. Door to the reactor room won't appear, Refurb makes worse, et cetera, et al.

Double posts happen, and the Nexus won't let you delete your own post unless you're a paying member; so I'll let that one slide - though an edit of one or the other to "sorry, double post" or some such would be nice.

I reply, as I always do eventually.

Three odd days pass.

Today, another comment is posted - cut 'n paste of the first two, except this time with a load order attached. One of those lovely, two hundred mod "I download everything I see!" load orders. I counted three separate companion systems.

So... obviously either ignoring me and expecting a reply from ttomwv, or just a complete moron who doesn't look at any post except the top of the stack.

Y'know what? Screw 'em. I'm not fighting with someone to make them let me help. You wanna ignore me, Bucko? Go for it. That much less typing on my end.

On that note, the Tower is officially getting shelved again. I am so not opening that can of worms even wider by releasing another house mod for FO3. New Vegas seems to be bringing out even more of the idiots when they decide to grab the old game and give it a try, too.


  1. Yeah, I saw those posts too. What gets me is that I don't understand why everybody is so infatuated with this master update thing to begin with. I've yet to see a mod description that says it needs master updated to work. Am I missing something or am I just being ignorant on the opposite end of the spectrum?

  2. Depends on whose advice you take. The author of FO3Edit has a fanboy that goes around the Nexus forums preaching loudly that masterupdate is the solution to all mod ills.

    Crashing problem? MAKE IT A MASTER!

    Texture not showing up? MAKE IT A MASTER!

    Navmesh doesn't work right? MAKE IT A MASTER!

    Wind out of the north? MAKE IT A MASTER!

    It supposedly is a necessity for running the Unofficial Patch, MMM, FOOK2, FWE, and the kitchen sink all at once.

    Can't speak for the veracity there, since I know that FWE and FOOK do different things and shouldn't be combined.

    I gave up trying to figure out the fascination over a year ago.

  3. Can't speak for the veracity there, since I know that FWE and FOOK do different things and shouldn't be combined.

    Should say, they do Opposite thing in many areas.

    Ugh. I shouldn't type when half dead...

  4. As further evidenced by the fact that I missed the S on the end of thing.

    Hell with it, I'm going to go do something else before I dig my hole any deeper here.

  5. 'Tsokay. :)

    As for the lack of comments - don't forget that the New! Shiny is out. A lot of the core has been pulled to New Vegas.

    Playing New Vegas a bit... not bad, and if it were a fan effort I would consider it excellent. As an official release... it is just good, not great. Lots of bugs, some odd limitations, an while it is working just fine on my machine (no crashes yet - on a Bethesda game!) it crashes an awful lot on my friend's computer. (FO3 on the other hand is a lot more stable on his computer, and crashes a lot on mine....)

    I admit that I have not tried the new Beta - as I am one of those drawn to the glow on the horizon that is Vegas. I last played FO3 about two weeks ago.
    [Warning Comments about New Vegas Follow]

    Some odd choices in the game - a plinking rifle (Varmint Rifle) has access to mod kits for things like night vision scope, while Sniper Rifle does not.... Wha?

    The crafting system gets useful about the time you stop needing it. Weapon Repair kits can be made, but parts that should not have been used disappear with the parts that would have been useful - so if you are fixing a Cowboy Repeater the Scrap Electronics goes away along with the parts you might actually have used.

    The Lunchbox that is used to create meals is apparently eaten for dessert, 'cause it goes away too.

    If I remember I will stop by tomorrow, when I might actually be awake.

    The Auld Grump

  6. While I can't play, I have been keeping some minor tabs on NV via the chan of fours and a couple web comics I read.

    Not extraordinarily impressed, myself. It seems more like another DLC for FO3 than a full game.

    And still, they insist on having the game end upon completion of the main quest. Speculation is that like FO3, there will be a DLC that will remove the hard end... but it's still annoying - doubly so when coming off an Oblivion kick.

    Reports have it that there are still a fairly large number of bugs, too. As I recall, for the first week the game was out for PC you couldn't even save a game without it crashing.

    Some days I wonder if dev teams even try anymore.

    Good to hear from you again, though. I was beginning to wonder where you'd gotten off to.

  7. 'Kay, that is weird - I am not Boston.... Time to contact Google, I think....

    The Auld Grump

  8. Okay, my real log in is back, I wonder what happened? I logged out, logged back in, and there it was. :-/

    Yeah, bugs galore, while I did not crash while saving I did have my Auto Save revert to the very first Auto save several times. Not a big problem, I generally save anyway - always a good idea with crash heavy Bethesda games.

    There are some features that I like, a lot.

    Aside from the Main Quest(TM)most of the plots have multiple lanes of approach, for that matter so may the Main Quest - I sort of stumbled off of it, into the wilds....

    I like the weapon mods - they remind me a great deal of the Weapons Mod Kits Mod for FO3 (and in fact may BE that mod). I just wish that what mods are available for which guns made more sense. Why the heck would a plinker get a night vision scope, but not a sniper rifle?

    Crafting is greatly expanded, reloads are not only possible but downright vital. You can make kits for healing crippled limbs, repairing weapons, or purifying decent amounts of water.

    Hardcore is a great deal of fun - ammo now has (not enough) weight!

    NPCs are not as well handled as in your mod, but are handled MUCH better than they were in FO3.

    The bad guys are a whole lot better about placing mines - they like putting them under stuff, so you won't have a chance to spot the blinking red light... look for a likely bit of cover for the mine, or just get out of there. They also like to put mines under dead bodies, and in a few cases have them rigged to prisoners.... Properly villainous.

    Finding good guys and bad guys is a trifle harder - the good guys have a few atrocities under their belt. Some of the bad guys are willing to talk, or aren't quite as bad as you might think. Some of the folks labeled 'Raider' are willing to talk, trade, gossip....

    For me the game is a lot more stable, I have still not crashed, and am in the high twenties for level - so I have played a fair amount.

    POV seems improved, graphics are less twitchy, and clutter seems to have somewhat more realistic physics. (In FO3 I had a bucket that would dance for hours....)

    FOMM has been converted, FOSE has not yet been ported over.

    It is more involved than any of the DLC, and does a better job of expanding the environs than, say, Point Lookout or the Pitt.

    I just think it needed a bit more work before going gold. Wait a while for all the bugs to get stomped, and you will probably like it.(When and if you get a machine that can handle it.)

    The Auld Grump

  9. Don't worry Auld Gump, RR Companions Vault is available for New Vegas, and it plays nice (mostly) with the companion wheel. Still trying to decide what location the updated Vault will be found in, but I'm leaning toward somewhere around the Yangtze Memorial with access tunnels leading into the New Vegas Strip and possibly Primm.

  10. "Companion Wheel"?

    Why does that sound like something I should either be intimidated by or most likely will not like?

  11. Nos, take a break from FO3; the idiots will filter themselves out, or get banned for blatent idiocy. maybe both. Some possibly brighter news for you; RR Companions Vault: New Vegas Edition already has 5 endorsements, all "good" thumbs. Four of them were from people that were polite enough to leave a comment instead of "endorse and run".

  12. @Herculine: It's not really bad; what it does is puts the most common interactions at your fingertips, instead of them being buried in the dialog. No more scrolling through the dialog to ask the companion if you can see their inventory and stuff like that.

  13. Okay, that doesn't sound so bad. Is it like a GUI HUD that's always on-screen, or is it on a hotkey or... LOL, never mind. I can wait until I see it for myself. Thanks for the info Michelle.

  14. New Vegas does sound somewhat interesting; and I'm sure it is no doubt more than just a DLC - it's just that with a virtually identical engine and scripting language and all, that seemed to be the easiest way to denigrate it.

    And I am taking a break from FO3. So far, I miss having access to automatic weapons... but that's about it. I don't miss the nuke-you-ler desert, or the "OMG SO AMBIGUOUS!" attempts at quests one bit.

    Saw two mods today on the Nexus. Mini-nuke shotgun, and minigun that fired 4000 rounds a minute.

    Nope, don't miss trying to publish new works in the FO3 "community" one bit...

  15. Good. Now you can fix the CM Partners scripts and build a big house near the Imperial City for all our companions to live in.

    *ducks, covering head with hands in anticipation of a throttling*

  16. "Now you can fix the CM Partners scripts and build a big house near the Imperial City for all our companions to live in."

    Oh yeah?

    OH YEAH?!

    Well, just to spite you, imma do it! So HA!

    ...Okay, maybe not. But I do intend to work on the system, and the Rumaro Compound is a slightly shrunk Anvil Castle - which my current thinking has to fill completely out similarly to the original. So... it would hold a lot of companions.

    Besides, can't your companions shack up in that spiffy Ayleid house of yours? It looked pretty big...

  17. Funny you should mention that; I am still working on the Ayleid structure. I decided today that I will need to make the exterior an esp (so it doesn't make Cyrodiil disappear) and the interior(s) an esm so I can place companions from other esps in there and they'll actually stick.

    I'd be both willing and happy to share it once it's finished. The only problem is, once upon a time I uploaded an early version of it to the Nexus (the version I told you was bigger than Cyrodiil), but it was not well-received. The comments were mostly by people who think every house mod should be a palace fit for the Septims, complaining that it was Ayleid ruins, it was too dark and gloomy, etc. So I deleted it.

    But yes, for personal use at the moment, I will be putting in some beds and tables and chairs, and anything else that I can think of that a CM's AI packages might require. Whether I go public with it or not remains to be seen because I'm moody like that.

  18. "Whether I go public with it or not remains to be seen because I'm moody like that."

    Puh-reachin' to the choir, Ma'am. I know all about that sentiment. I don't think I've actually shared a quarter of the mods I've made over the last few years.

    Judging by the highly regarded house mods around the Nexus, people seem to want opulence and free stuff, more so than anything.

    Such little perspective, they have.