Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Even More Oblivion Weirdness, Continuing Cont.

...When suddenly, DANCE PARTY.

Because as we all know, even the worst of bugs are no match for a good club mix. Plus, when two hot, heavily armed redheads ask one to dance, you do not say no.

Was also testing out some goodies from Apachii's.

One of Maeva's standard outfits in her first video game incarnation was a Chinese dress. She still looks good in one.

And while I like [CENSORED]'s dress... that wig just does not work. It had to go.

Also, I appear to have made Maeva tsundere:

"I-it's not like I l-like you or anything, you d-dummy..."

(Oh Gods, she is going to hurt me so badly for portraying her as a character from a harem comedy anime...)

And yes. I'm well aware I need sleep.

...and probably professional help involving electrodes and experimental medications...


  1. I always suspected that the big imposing redhead had butterflies and rainbows in her somewhere...

    ...and that she would impale anyone for saying so...

  2. Oh Gods...

    Now I have a mental image of a tall, gangling thirteen year old redhead laying in the floor watching My Little Pony while sharpening her first two-handed sword.

    I'm not sure whether to cackle maniacally or curl up in the fetal position and cry.