Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NCCS - Slight Delay

I know, I said the beta was done.

At the last second, I decided to add the Pip-Boy plugins to my pre-made companions. Six quests, twelve items, twelve scripts, and a couple dozen lines of dialog take time to write in and test.

I'm nearly done, but there's one more point that remains.

Miss Herculine reports that companions get into fights at the Freeside entrances to the Strip. Firing on random gate guards and Kings members and so on.

Going to have to work out that faction issue... which is proving difficult, since the malefactors in question (oh come on, you know if my companions shoot at them; the bastards have it coming. I'd never create evil, trigger-happy NPCs!) aren't readily find-able in the GECK.

Looks like to find exactly who's causing the problem, I'll have to move into Freeside myself and have a looky-see personally.

Seems they also occasionally fire on children. Probably another faction issue... but I can't blame them, there. I get the urge to randomly unload a magazine at groups of kids myself, from time to time. Annoying little shits.

Though I, for one, would love to know why Fallout 3 and NV do this. The factions aren't set up to have an opinion one way or the other about any faction except their own. Theoretically, the companions should be no more liable to fire on Kings than on denizens of Goodsprings. Unless of course someone takes a shot at them. So why, then, do NPCs randomly choose to attack certain factions for no apparent reason?

Either way, I want the companions to be able to move into the Strip with you before I release the system. Hopefully a fix won't be long in coming.


  1. Many trite and hackneyed sayings come to mind...

    "Rome wasn't built in a day."

    "You can't rush perfection."

    "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

    ...I could go on, but you get the idea.

    Keep your chin up, Boss. I know your persistence and attention to detail are gonna make this thing great.

  2. I say take your time. Only three or so people really know of your plans and I can pretty much bet we don't care how long it takes you.

    Can we hit people with sticks and such if they bitch at you once you do upload it?

  3. *sharpening multiple sticks with pocket knife while leaning against large stack of bricks*

  4. "Can we hit people with sticks and such if they bitch at you once you do upload it? "

    Okay, it's official, that feature would get me to buy a premium membership. Not quite as satisfying as Gabe (of Penny Arcade fame)'s idea to let you remotely choke the holy living shit out of someone... but hitting them with a stick would do.

    Also: while I was too lazy to get the sitemeter working, I think I have more than three readers. There are only three or four of you who can be bothered to comment, but judging by the hits to the pictures I post, I have about two hundred regular readers. Sometimes as high as 275, when I post something scantily-clad.

  5. And Herculine: if you're going to stab people with pointy sticks, I have to insist you put on a bikini first.

    That way, I can video tape it, and break into a new segment of home video with "NosCo's Girls gone psychotic".

    It'll sell a million copies, I just know it.

    You wouldn't believe how many copies the "Girls with Guns" DVD series has sold...

  6. I charge extra for wardrobe malfunctions...

  7. No problemo, just let me raid the NosCo hostile takeover fund and I should be able to scare up enough to cover...


    ...Anyone know how to get a knife out of a kidney? Oh shit, this is gonna hurt tomorrow...