Sunday, November 21, 2010

NCCS - Strip Ready

...Now that I think of it, that sounds kind of dirty, doesn't it? Oh well, what're ya gonna do?

Did some more testing on the new code. In and out of the strip, no problem. As well as a few other places...

"Your friends aren't allowed in the Penthouse" indeed.

And here were some of the results of the "improved" combat code...

Interestingly enough, Sunny never did anything. Not sure what factional wires got crossed where.

And Ted just looked like a serial killer in that hockey mask and sweater vest.

This would be shortly after Sam decided the residents of Primm needed to see the next life for no apparent reason.

Not bad form, all in all; but she needed to work on that temper... No self restraint, kids these days.

Yet another of the combinations of equipment the random spawns came up with. I've since increased Rin's height a bit. I ran the numbers in my head, and I had her set at like 4'8. Too short.

And lastly, the new decoration dialog options...

When asked to put on a slave's collar.

The menu.

And when told to remove the collar.

...And one just to show Sam almost topless...


  1. Antler says it sounds very good so far.

    Antler says we are eager to test the newest version.

    Antler asks if it will be ready for release soon.

    Antler says we are happy Matt's game is working now.

  2. Working?


    Give me a moment; I'm laughing so hard I can barely stay upright.

    I finally just gave up on the southeast corner of the wasteland.

    I was trying to explore that airbase you mentioned; but every sixty to hundred and eighty seconds in the wasteland between the base, the crashed vertibird, and the irradiated town my game would crash. Didn't matter what I was doing. Sometimes I didn't even get ten steps.

    I swear, that is the worst part of any game I've ever played.

    Had a bunch of trouble with crashes before; when I was trying to explore around camp searchlight before I headed north to Novac. The whole area seems to be completely fuxx0red, as the kids say.

    Interestingly, 95% of my CTD events are in the wasteland. Very few take place indoors. Also very few companion problems happen indoors, either.

    Regardless, the system is ready for upload - quest issues notwithstanding. It's about as reliable as I can make it, at the moment; even though I think I'm going to have to remove the reset function from my plugins for the time being. Until I can figure out what's going on with them.