Friday, November 19, 2010

NCCS - Slacking and Breakthroughs

So, yeah... I've been slacking off the last couple days. Not going into detail since no one cares, but a personal situation got worse a couple days ago, and I needed a day or two of not beating my head against the GECK to keep the chest pain under control (seems the incident six weeks ago left me permanently damaged. Joy.). About out of cartoons to waste time watching, though, so I'm going to end up drifting back into working on the NCCS later today.

Not everyone's as lazy as me, though. It seems Miss Herculine has figured out a way to let companions get in and out of the strip without taking robo-fire, and without touching a single base game script. Color me impressed.

*sniffle* They grow up so fast. Seems like just last week, she was asking about using factions to control dialog, and now she's using them to subvert dev scripting. I'm so proud. Soon, she'll be spouting snark and questioning the legalities of players' births, or insinuating they have Oedipal Complexes.

I've made the modifications to my own companions and the templates, and will try it out the next time I fire up the game, though since it has a 100% success rating going in her game, I'm confident that even if it doesn't work across the board, it will be the keystone that points us to the total fix.

I've also already corrected some dialog issues regarding the new container menus for the companions (sorry about that, Herculine). Seems I had forgotten to set them to only appear for members of NCCS, and random wasteland denizens had the options. Whoopsie. Let this be another lesson not to mod at five in the morning during an insomnia/depression bender.

Even with that done, I still have to make a couple of modifications somewhere to allow companions to be drug along with the player during one of the climactic battles of the main quest. The player is moved to said battle via script, and vanilla companions drug along.

Unfortunately, we can't call NCCS companions in the same way, since your personally made companions could be named literally almost anything. I've got an idea to set up their companionscript to allow them to move with the player when it happens... but with this screwy scripting engine, who knows whether the scripts will even fire correctly at the time.

Also, I'm hardly through most of the game quests myself, so if anyone knows of any times the player is forcibly moved by script other than in service to Mr. House, let me know via comment, email, or PM; so I can try to script out around it without having to resort to the ever-buggy teleport code block in a companion script.


  1. One that I just experienced is when you first go to Caesar's home base camp while fast-travel is disabled. I had to use my home-made recall devices to get my peeps to the island or whatever it is. After finishing Caesar's tasks (or leading him to believe I had finished them) fast-travel is re-enabled and the peeps follow as usual.

  2. Thanks. You didn't happen to catch the name of the quest, did you? (The one that appears in your quest log will be fine; just to narrow it down a bit)

  3. Thanks.

    Now I just have to resist the urge to use my grenade rifle on every character who refers to him as "Kai-zar".

  4. Yeah... what's up with that? I thought I was goin' nuts until Mr. House pronounced it the way we are accustomed to hearing it.(Rene Auberjonois... getting Hollywood names for voice acting is one of the few things I feel Bethesda actually gets right...)

  5. No kidding? I always liked him - even if I will always refer to him as Odo. Plus, his performance in My Best Friend is a Vampire was pretty good (old school alert!).

    Still can't believe they got Liam Neeson to play Dad in FO3.