Friday, November 12, 2010


Okay, I know, not a movie blog; but this is too important not to mention.

Saw Skyline today. If you're thinking of seeing it, take $10 out of your wallet, and use it to light a cigarette. You'll get more satisfaction than seeing Skyline.

Seriously. I never thought I'd see a movie worse than District 9, but they managed it. No plot, no exposition, no resolution. It's just two hours of CGI, tense one-liners, and people screaming in terror.

They explained nothing of who the aliens were or why they came. We can make inferences... but that's all.

I miss the days when movies had to have a point.

Also: they're apparently remaking Gulliver's Travels yet again, this time starring Jack Black. Truly, we live in the prophesied end times. Pray for your souls, Kiddies.


  1. One would think that having a classic piece of literature as the basis for a movie would guarantee it's quality and integrity. Hollywood has proven repeatedly that such is not the case. I'd make an extremely long list of examples but, as you have said, not really a movie blog...

  2. Hollywood adaptations and remakes don't have the greatest of track records.

    I'm still stewing over how badly they managed to fuck up Wing Commander - though you're probably a bit young to have been into that one.

    Then again, I'm also probably not the best commentator on overall movie quality; since I own both Bill & Ted movies on DVD (WYLD STALLYNS RULES!), and am a considerable Mel Brooks fan.

    ...We won't even go into the Rocky Horror Picture Show...

  3. Loved the Wing Commander games (especially Heart of the Tiger), but never got around to seeing the movie; I guess I did the right thing. As for other movies, I absolutely hated what they did to Clear and Present Danger.

  4. Now, see, I can't relate there. As further proof of my heathen status, I think Tom Clancy is a hack in book form, so I tend to ignore his movies.

  5. Not everyone has the same reading tastes; I don't care much for some authors, but other folks own every book that they write. I generally buy something that I think is interesting, even if I normally don't like the author's other works.