Monday, November 22, 2010

NCCS - Release Imminent

I know it's been a bit over a week more than I was hoping it would take... but I just came off a two odd hour play, and I'm impressed. Performance is good, even with multiple companions running on one script.

I've got two running on it actively without issue. I plan to up it to three and see how that works.

Thus far the biggest hurdle to release has been the game itself. Testing out in the wasteland is very difficult because of the constant crashes. In more confined spaces, though, they seem to perform excellent; whatever that's worth.

Went into and out of the Strip by gate, and again there were no fights breaking out. There have been no random attacks on non-hostiles, and since I instituted the last piece of code for the combat end block of the script, there haven't been any issues with stoppages after the fight, either.

Some issues in delays on companions following you do persist. Some of the levels of Vault 22, for example, wouldn't let them follow me in. Once I was in, they took an alternate path to try to catch up, and ended up getting lost. When I returned to the entrance to leave, though, they were right there and still following.

Similarly, no companions - even ED-E - were willing to follow me into the Lucky 38 lounge/restaurant/whatever you want to call it. There's a delay following from House's penthouse to the Casino, but they do eventually make it down. No issues whatsoever going from casino level to presidential suite and back; so there shouldn't be any problems with them working with your new home.

A few issues here and there in Freeside; judging by their behavior, I'd say it's shoddy navmeshing again. Most of the tight spaces between rubble don't seem to be 'meshed at all - probably laziness on the devs' part. Companions always come around in the valid navmesh and catch up shortly.

Obviously I haven't played through the entire game, all its quests, and every interior cell that the player could possibly find themselves interacting with, so I'm sure there are still problems lurking about, but I think this should probably do for an initial release.


  1. Sounds good, Boss! I'm sending to you with some scatterbrained e-mails my finished master.

  2. I've only had about an hour so far to test, but in anticipation of the impending release Gwen is the only one using the #1 script so I suppose it balances out. Anyway, she seems to be doing everything she's supposed to do the way she's supposed to do it, so I'm finding no issues that would prevent an initial release. Plus I'm gaining quite a bit of infamy with Caesar's Legion, so I'm expecting to need all the help I can get against those skirt-wearin' fellers very soon...

    Which brings me to a side-note: one thing I have to say the devs did right in this game is setting it up so that you can play all the different factions for suckers as long as you can until finally you have to pick sides and take somebody out. Very Morrowind-ish. Also adds reasons to play the game more than once, making different decisions each time.

  3. I'm kind of annoyed with the factions and karma myself.

    I keep drawing fame with the NCR without trying to. Killed those three fiends without realizing it. I only noticed they were special when I was looting Nephi's body. Then I get liked for selling severed heads? And then some jerkoff ranger runs up and gives me a radio... "now you'll never be alone out there".

    Ugh. GMPCs, I tell ya. Also: hey, genius! I'm not alone now! Notice the line of hench-cuties behind me?

    Also hate that you get positive karma for killing fiends and ferals. Despite stealing everything that isn't nailed down, I rate Very Good. S'not like killing those fiends was an act of goodness. The devs need to take a philosophy class and learn the difference between altruism and self preservation...