Monday, November 15, 2010

NCCS - Update II, Aftermath

Actually managed a three hour play tonight without any crashes, so apparently the mutant Skynet-precursor AI that lives in my Emachine is learning how to run NV correctly. Just wish it would hurry the hell up about it.


If you read the comments on the last post, you'll see Miss Herculine's prognosis that the system is stable enough for release after her own play testing.

After tonight, I'm inclined to agree.

We've hit one snag that isn't wholly resolvable thus far. There's a bug in this Fallout, much like the last. It seems that if one selects a non-Caucasian race for their NPC, in-game the head will display correctly, but the body will be white. Correcting the head egf setting in the ini files doesn't fix it. I'll confess I likes me some pallid beauties (as though you hadn't noticed), so I haven't played with it much.

However, Miss Herculine - being the fine, upstanding proponent of diversity that she is - has gone to more than a bit of trouble investigating the issue, and tells me that turning your plugin into a master, when used in conjunction with the egf reset, does fix the issue. So, it looks like we're all stuck esmifying our plugins again. But, as far as bugs go, this is a minor one - at least all of us who did NPC work on FO3 are already used to it.

With the system apparently ready for release, I'm going to finish off my own pre-made companion plugin, and we should be ready for a beta release.

And now, screenshots:

You can see here I've about finished revisions on the form of my special companions. They're looking quite nice, again.

Here, we were moving through Scorpion Gulch. Unfortunately, the littler of the two redheads is fucking murder with that cowboy repeater (that someone resembling me may have customed up for her), which makes it difficult to get any decent combat screenshots.

Maeva, for reasons which will forever escape me, loves that High Power, using it to the exclusion of virtually all else. She also has a caravan shotgun, but refuses to use it unless she's run completely dry of 9mm ammo.

This is one I wish I had a video for. At the border between Scorpion Gulch and Hidden Valley, we were on top of the cliffs (where the bugs can't reach). Rather than walk back and around the path, I just hopped down to an intermediate ledge, and then on to the ground. ED-E took off back up the path. My companions jumped off after me.

They're also already showing a predilection for crossing impassable terrain to stay near me.

Here you can see I ported over two mods this evening. One was Cat Outfits - which contains the demon horns and tail I use on Maeva. The other was my "special equipment" plugin, which has stuff like my retexture of the Blackwolf backpack that you see in the screenshot, as well as a bunch of outfits I've pulled from various non-English-speaking mod databases over the years (Schoolgirl outfit sans panties, woo!).

On the whole, NV still feels clumsier and less refined than FO3... but it's getting better. It'll be a lot better once I get the companion system out there, I think.

Though I think I am going to have to do a house mod (separate from NCCS, I assure you). I found the perfect spot yesterday.


  1. Sweet. Hopefully once this gets out many others will agree with us that taking the time to repair that ED-E eyebot piece of crap is a bad idea.

    And though non-companion creators will have somewhat of a limited choice in the beginning, I plan to port over the Scouts in as much of their glory as I'm able (obviously minus the Ling's wardrobe) given time to revamp about 130 inventories utilizing some recently-learned leveled lists tricks. Then of course I'll need to figure out where to put them all in the world. Could take a while...

    And a house mod, you say? Intriguing...

  2. Funny you should mention leveled lists. I just wrote four - armor, clothing, helmet, weapon. Since Fallout 3 - and hopefully by extension, New Vegas - don't respawn lists EVERY FREAKING CELL CHANGE I'm hoping they won't require quite the... extra effort that you and I discussed regarding the Oblivion lists.

    Now I just have to come up with a few more companions for the pre-made pack.

    Oh, and I'm sure a converted LFT esp will be coming along eventually. He doesn't seem to mind the conversions and whatnot.